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History of the Park

The Dikļi manor park is around 20 ha large and stretches to the south of the Palace by the shore of the River Mazbriede. A landscape park or forest park runs across the steep gullies of the river. During research of the Dikļi manor park carried out in the 1960's it was established that it is a home to around 20 exotic trees including Abies balsamea, Juglans cineres, Populus beroliensis, Pseudotsuga meziensii and other varieties, and their age at that time was specified as ranging from 30-40 years. All the former owners of the manor enjoyed walking in the park in order to sample the beauty of the surrounding nature and tranquil waters. Legend has it that the Baron laid an oak floor on the bed of the existing pond so that he would not have to tramp through mud when washing.


The Park today and in the future

Currently, the Dikļi manor park awaits its major clean up work. The park improvement project is in progress and its clean up is anticipated to began in spring 2009. After its rearrangement the park would once again become a pleasant walking place for the Palace guests, as well as the venue for various activities. The park would also encompass some of the manor owner's ideas including, for example, a cricket pitch, a children playground, a boating halt by the pond and much more.

Dikli Palace Hotel, Dikli, Dikli Parish, Koceni Municipality, LV-4223, Latvia